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White Detail Resin: the Complete Q&A

Posted By Sculpteo on Apr 25, 2012 | 7 comments

Our White Detail Resin material is having a great success among the community. You have lots of questions regarding the best practices to apply for getting the desired result. Let’s try to answer them!

How does the White Detail Resin look like?

White Detail Resin is a rigid and opaque material. The default result is a white smooth surface which is matted or polished, depending on your object.

For what kind of pieces is the White Detail Resin really good for?

We recommend to use our White Detail Resin for any plate objects like medallions, typographies, mechanical pieces (if enough space is allowed for the gears) and any pieces that will get a post-finishing (sanding, painting,…).

White Detail Resin is a great 3D printing material for end products like cases, handles, pots, plugs, hooks or any other objects that need to be strong and smooth.

How precise is the White Detail Resin 3D print?

The printing resolution is 28 microns, for a minimum thickness of 2mm (0.07 inch). White Detail Resin allows pieces with a great precision. Scale and quality of the 3D file influence greatly the final result.

Can I print moving parts with the White Detail Resin?

Yes, you can! Just be sure that there is enough left-over space for the gears (2mm or 0.07mm minimum).

How does it work?

When you upload your 3D file on Sculpteo.com, we take care of your file by repairing it if needed and preparing it for the 3D printer. Your object is then 3D printed layer by layer thanks to a professional 3D printing technique called photo polymerization. When UV light is jetted on the liquid polymers of resin, your object becomes solid.

This 3D printing technique is one of the most precise on the market. It is traditionally used by industries and big companies for prototyping new products. With Sculpteo, you have access to the best 3D printing technologies for an accessible price.

Our 3D printers are located in our facilities in south of France.

How much is it?

Prices vary depending of the size of your object and the amount of material needed to print it (density of your object). When you upload your file on Sculpteo.com, you get a confidential real-time price quote. You can then adjust your file to change the price.

As an example, a 5cm (1.97 inch) object will cost you approximatively 45€ ($59). A 8cm (3.14 inch) will be around 109€ ($143).

How should I prepare my file for a 3D print in White Detail Resin?

Our engineers recommend a few important tips:

– If you are object is closed, it has to be solid because we won’t be able to remove the material enclosed inside.

– If your object contains parts that are very thin (such as hair, shanks, swords), be sure that it is strongly tied to the object itself. Otherwise, the piece could be fragile and break.

Here is an example of a 3D model including too many unclosed parts.

It explains why the 3D print couldn’t work out. Here is the failed result:


What kind of finishing can I get?

The finishing depends of the shape of your object. The highly-polished finishing is only possible on pieces with flat surface and no counter-forms. For the objects that can be polished, we slick the piece beforehand in order to apply the glossy finish.

Here is an example of a polished object. Great precision and smooth surface for this solid Triskel.

You can apply various post-finishing on your White Detail Resin pieces: sanding, painting,…

Can I get a sample of the White Detail Resin by Sculpteo?

Absolutely! We just launched our new sample kit that comes with a $25 voucher. It will give you an example of each of our materials, including White Detail Resin (and a cool big pin).


Check our White Detail Resin page and 3D print today on Sculpteo.com.

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