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                    Sculpteo's 3D Prints are Larger than Ever

Sculpteo Now 3D Prints in King Size!

Posted By on Apr 27, 2012 |

You can now 3D print very large objects in polyamide on! Time has come to think BIG.

The new maximal dimensions for white plastic 3D printing are: 677mm x 368 mm x 565 mm (26.6 inch x 14.4 inch x 22.2 inch). Perfect for end products, big mechanical parts, figurines, real-size prototypes or models!

Our white plastic is a strong white polyamide material which has a grainy texture and is slightly porous. It allows any kind of finishing: painting, sanding to make it look exactly as you desire it.

You can create complex parts and mechanical gears with it. It is also a pretty flexible material when your parts are thin.

The minimum layer thickness of our white material is very thin: 0.1mm (0.003 inch). Resolution is very good with details appearing at 0.3mm (0.01 inch)

Make it big with Sculpteo!


Tip: when you upload your 3D file on, you get a real-time quote for your object. For 3D printing large objects, choose our white material and enter the size you want.

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