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OpenSCAD Parameters to Sculpteo: Our Unique Feature for Easy Configurable Designs!

Posted By Sculpteo on Apr 30, 2012 | 0 comments

We have great news today for all lovers of OpenSCAD and parameters for 3D designs.

You can now have your build-in OpenSCAD parameters directly available for you and your customers on Sculpteo! This unique feature makes it very simple to turn any OpenSCAD file into a configurable Sculpteo design. We extended the idea behind CloudSCAD to propose this exclusive feature.


Example 1 : Parameterized Spring

This spring has been designed by obijuan using OpenSCAD parameters. It is conceived as a design that you can customize through OpenSCAD parameters. You can change parameters of the design such as the number of folds, the strip thickness or the drill diameter.

Changing parameters requires for the user to know how to modify the source code and learn the OpenSCAD syntax. It is not simple for a non-expert end-user who would like a spring with more folds for example.

That’s why we developed our new OpenSCAD feature. Simply upload your OpenSCAD file on The parameters of your design are automatically visible! You and your customers can then modify every parameters directly on Sculpteo and customize their designs depending of your parameters.

Example 2 : Parametrized Timing Belts

Another example with a set of timing belts designed by doommeister using OpenSCAD. Parameters created for this design are: tooth profile, belt width and number of teeth.

The dedicated panel shows automatically after uploading your OpenSCAD file on Sculpteo. Parameters can be changed easily.

Designers and developers interested to go beyond OpenSCAD, have a look at our XML and JavaScript API. More on this advanced customization tools later! The documentation for the OpenSCAD parametrization support by Sculpteo is available here.

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