3D printing through design & contemporary art by Neri Oxman

Neri Oxman and Objet in Paris: 3D Printing Organic-Like Shapes

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We were this morning at the Center Pompidou in Paris for the opening of the exhibition Multiversités Créatives, exploring future of materials and 3D printing through design and contemporary art.

Pneuma 2, 2012
Série des pulmonaire / Pulmonary Series

Neri Oxman, director of the Mediated Matter research group and assistant professor of media arts and sciences at the MIT Media Lab, and Objet chairman and top executives were gathered for a morning of passionate talks and intimate visit of the exhibition.

Elchanan Jaglom, Objet chairman, shared his vision enhancing how “3D printing are revolutionnary and democratizing technologies”.

Léviathan 1, 2012
Série des torses / Torso Series

Neri Oxman presented Imaginary Beings: Mythologies of the Not Yet, 18 new pieces presented at the Centre Pompidou for the first time. They are pushing the boundaries of 3D printing technologies and required advanced R&D from Objet (that 3D printed all the pieces and sponsored the exhibition).  She explained how 3D printing is allowing to imagine new materials and design capabilities. 3D printing is the only technology enabling unique combination of materials with different properties in very complex shapes.

Kafka, 2012
Série des torses / Torso Series

3D printing is on its way to fill the gap between what exists in nature and what humans create. Skin is one of the best example of flexibility and adaptability of organice shapes. 3D printing allows now to create organic-like shapes by combining strong and flexible materials into a same complex shape. Look at some of the 18 pieces, all inspired by human body, and mixing material properties to create next generation of design.

Tête du Minotaure aux lamelles / Minotaur Head with Lamella, 2012
Série des têtes / Head Series

For Neri Oxman, in the future we might go “from 3D to 4D“, allowing us to have control over the shape but also the internal properties of materials, such as temperature.

Photographer: Yoram Reshef

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