New Series of interview with Nostromo and DataSculptures.

Featured Sculpteo Stores #1: Nostromo and the DataSculptures

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We launch a new series of interviews on the Sculpteo blog which will feature original and inspiring Sculpteo store owners. A great opportunity for you to discover their amazing work, get unique 3D prints of their creations and maybe open your own store on!

We start today with Nostromo, a newly opened Sculpteo store focusing on world data visualization through 3D printing. Data information and education go one step further thanks to 3D printing!

Thank you Nostromo for answering our questions and using Sculpteo!

Present yourself briefly and tell us more about the designs that you sell in your Sculpteo Store?
I am a retired professional, worked for many years in chemical industry, investment finance and consultancy services; filled many hard drives with powerpoint lectures for companies and investment bodies in Asia and Middle East…. My designs at the Store pick up the sort of stuff I made to communicate with clients.

When did you open your store and what was the purpose of it?
A week ago. I wanted to overcome the volatile character of printed data tables, charts, movies. The purpose is to show what 3D printing can offer to communication: Data series and information become solid, become “dataSculptures”… hand them around in meetings, put them on your desk or the classroom, let blind people feel the data. “Houston, we froze the data“.

Which one of your designs is your favorite, and why?     
At present, it´s the design “Corruption in poor and rich countries“ : Public corruption is everywhere, in rich and poor countries; and Transparency International- they allowed me to use their last ranking is an essential NGO player- I admire them for their constant investigative work.

Which 3D softwares do you usually use for your designs?
Until now, Sketchup Pro [NDLR: Google Sketchup supports Sculpteo easy 3D printing button]. But I would like to learn from other Sculpteo clients

Modelizing for 3D printing can be a bit tricky. Do you have some good practices that you would like to share with the community?
I am a beginner in 3D design.. I try to re-use and modify models.

Which 3D printing materials and colors do you recommend for your designs?
Multicolour; it seems essential to represent at least two dimensions. The colour range and precision of the Sculpteo printers is amazing: You can see small places like the Dominican Republic on my smallest design. I have to find more colour bands that can easily be communicated.

Do you let your customers personalize your designs?
No. In my designs and descriptions, I am responsible to meet the requirements set upon by my data providers. Please accept.

Did you embed your store on your own website?
I have none.

Do you have a link you would like to share?
Yes, nearly all of you know it: It´s designer, Professor Andrew Vande Moere at K.U.Leuven university, Belgium makes a wonderful job.


Discover Nostromo Store on and open you own 3D printing store today!

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