3D printing: Paul Bénet's shop's about exclusive gaming figurine

Featured Sculpteo Store #3: GoodiesGames by Paul Bénet, Gamer and 3D Design Student

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It’s time for the featured store of the week! We are proud to welcome today Paul Bénet, a talented young and prolific French 3D designer who was also among the first ones to open his store on Sculpteo.

Paul Bénet’s shop is all about exclusive gaming figurines. Here is the story!

Sculpteo: Could you present yourself briefly and tell us more about the designs that you sell in your Sculpteo Store?

Paul Bénet: My store is all about figurines coming from video games. I am myself a gamer and would love to work as a 3D designer in a gaming studio later. Next year, I will be a student at Objectif 3D, the 3D design school of Montpellier, France.

Most of the figurines I sell in the store have been specific orders from clients who couldn’t find their favorite characters in classical figurines’ stores. I created the figurines and put them on the store so that they can buy them easily.

I also created a figurine for comic author Davy Mourier. This figurine is called La petite mort [The Little Death] which is also the title of the comic book. It’s a very unique figurine with only 100 copies available.

Thanks to my creations, I’ve been able to meet web celebrities such as French gamer Frédéric Molas, aka Joueur du Grenier. I created the reward for a contest that he organized with his community and hooper.fr‘s one.

I hope I will collaborate with even more people thanks to my store!

Sculpteo: When did you open your store and what was the purpose of it?

Paul Bénet: I opened my store in the early beginning of 2010. My main purpose was to sell my creations in a easy way. It didn’t work right away though. Here is an example of my first creations. I improved my skills a lot since then.

Sculpteo: Which one of your designs is your favorite, and why?

Paul Bénet: So far, my favorite design is Volcania. I am a big fan of Zelda. I love even more the Zelda of my childhood, the one on Nintendo 64. Volcania/Volvagia is the boss of Fire Temple in Zelda Ocarina of Time. I sold the design and the client send me a picture of the 3D print:

Sculpteo: Which 3D softwares do you usually use for your designs?

Paul Bénet: I use many softwares to create my figurines. Each of them has a different purpose. I use 3DSMAX for modelizing in 3D, then I use Modo401 to unfold the UVWMap and I use Photoshop to create the textures.

Sculpteo: Do you have some good practices that you would like to share with the community?

Paul Bénet: Yes, I would like to motivate everyone who wants to start 3D modeling to do it! Have a goal, learn and progress. There are many amateur video games projects on the web and they are looking for talents. Don’t hesitate to ask for help on forums. I started to modelize in 3D before high school. At the beginning of course it was not really great. But I kept learning and got better. 3D printing is just one side of many other things you can do in the 3D world. When you know how to use a 3D software, you can do almost anything (video games, cinema, architecture…)

Sculpteo: Which 3D printing materials and colors do you recommend for your designs?

Paul Bénet: I only do colored 3D prints so I mainly use the multicolor material (ZCorp). When the figurine is too small, some details are not enough visible, but that is the rule with this kind of material.

Sculpteo: Do you let your customers personalize your designs?

Paul Bénet: Yes, I let my customers personalize their designs when they ask me for a specific figurine. It is a step-by-step project. I show them each step of the creation so that they can give me feedbacks and become actors of the creation too. I try to answer their desire.

Sculpteo: Did you embed your store on your own website? Do you have a link you would like to share?

Paul Bénet: Yes, I embedded my Sculpteo store on GoodiesGames.fr which is my own goodies and figurines retail website.

Some of the games’ figurines that you can find in Paul Bénet’s Store: Zelda, Minnecraft, Gundam figurines, Half Life, Mario,…


Opening a store on Sculpteo is free. You can embed the store in your own website or simply use it as a portfolio and retail website for your creations. Try it today!

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