3D printing: design your own geographical iPhone case

Printable Geography iPhone Case Creator: the Sculpteo 3D Printing Cloud Engine in Action!

Posted By on Jun 21, 2012 |

Our Cloud Engine is designed to let online retailers integrate mass customization to their offer. We are proud to show you today our most recent 3D printing cloud engine integration. The Printable Geography iPhone case creator has just been launched!

The Society for Printable Geography is a design retail company using geographical data as central topic of their experimentations. The team behind Printable Geography creates geographical artifacts using modern technology such as laser cutters and 3D printers: unique jewelry, mirrors, puzzles…and now iPhone cases!

They asked us to imagine a solution for letting customers design their own geographical iPhone case and have them 3D printed in a very flawless way.

We integrated our 3D Printing Cloud Engine following closely their requirements and it ended up in this unique Printable Geography Creator!

Customers can select a place on the map directly from the embedded Google map. They choose their material color and can freely adjust the shape of the ground (mountain height for example) until getting your own custom iPhone Geo-Case. Preview of your iPhone case appears in real-time. Try many fun options!

Once you created the iPhone case of your dreams, simply click the “Finish & Buy” button. We will get your order instantaneously and prepare your 3D print. You will receive your iPhone case at home a few days later.

Get local, get printable! Try it now.

Disclaimer: Your computer needs to support WebGL (it usually works fine with Google Chrome).

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