3D design app Voxel adopt our 3D printing Cloud technologies

Still Another Integration of Sculpteo Technologies: Discover the iPhone App Voxel, 3D Pixel Editor

Posted By on Jul 19, 2012 |

Number of companies integrating our Sculpteo technologies is bursting this month!

After AutoDesk 123D last week, it’s now the turn of Flat Black Films, creators of the awesome 3D design app Voxel, to adopt Sculpteo 3D printing Cloud technologies!

Voxel is a free iPhone app that allows you to build models from little cubes or “voxels”. If you are familiar with the Sculpteo online workshops, imagine our Pixel Engine in an iPhone app.

Voxel is a 3D pixel editor. It lets you create retro-looking figures, objects and scenes. Thanks to the new Sculpteo integration, you can know order 3D prints of your models directly from the app. Choose between multicolor or shiny plastic.

We collaborated with the Voxel team to integrate Sculpteo technologies in their iPhone/iPad app: user experience has been designed to keep the process easy and smooth, from 3D designing to 3D printing.

Your 3D prints will look as awesome as this one:

With the paid version, it is also possible to send multiple files for 3D printing at Sculpteo.com. The full Voxel app is free for a limited time. Download it today and start doodling with blocks and 3D printing!

We are very keen on working with so many great companies integrating our technologies. 3D printing is definitively kicking off and technologies we develop make it easy for businesses to jump into this market.

Learn more about what we propose and contact us.

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