We Launch Today a New Material: Polished Plastic! And It Comes with a Special Discovery Offer

Posted By on Aug 8, 2012 | 2 comments

We are launching today a new material: Polished Plastic. It is a perfect material for very smooth and well-finished surfaces. We are very happy to add it to the large choice of materials now available at Sculpteo.com.

Our Polished Plastic is specially designed for all of you who fabricate final products with Sculpteo. Polished Plastic allows you to 3D print in white or colored plastic with a really smooth and soft finishing result.

Polished Plastic is designed for lovable and final objects. Sculptures, jewellery, decoration items, cases, or anything you have in mind.

We use a very precise and stable laser sintering process. Nylon powder is printed layer by layer at a maximum thickness of 0.1mm. It allows you to imagine objects with a high quality of details (minimum size of visible details: 0.3mm).

Polished Plastic enables objects that can be both flexible or very rigid, depending of the wall thickness of your object. Polishing phase comes after the printing. It is obtained by mechanical smoothing. Depending of your object, polishing can lead to a slight loss of details. Think about it when designing your piece. We don’t recommend long and thin parts for this material.

Learn more about our Polished Plastic material and give it a try.



30% discount on polished plastic until Sunday, August 19th by using promocode: disc_polish_0812 (or pro_ disc_polish_0812 on Sculpteo Pro)

3D Print your designs today in Polished Plastic


  1. Can we see some examples of the colored polished plastic? I could only find white examples on the website. Thanks

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  1. Get 30% Discount on our new Polished Plastic until August 19 | Sculpteo Blog - [...] 19", "nick": "sculpteo"}); Only six days left before the end of our special discount offer on our new material …

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