Featured Sculpteo Store #4: Glucose Sweet Design

Featured Sculpteo Store #4: Glucose Sweet Design – Lovely Designs to Customize

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Glucose Sweet Design is our featured Sculpteo store of the week. This very nice shop is ruled by Emilie… who is also the Manager of Sculpteo Production Facilities! When you order an object at Sculpteo, it will most definitively pass to Emilie’s hands. She is both an engineer and a designer, as you will see in the interview we made with her yesterday. On Glucose Sweet Design, you will find lovely jewelry and decorative items.


Hi Emilie, could you present yourself briefly and tell us more about the designs that you sell in your Sculpteo Store?

I graduated from Ecole Supérieure d’Art et Design de Saint-Etienne (ESADSE) with a background in material engineering specialized in plastics. I am the Manager of Production Facilities at Sculpteo. I have a special sensibility for objects that tell a story. My objects are like me, talkative. I need my objects to be meaningful, that’s why they are so personal.

When did you open your store and what was the purpose of it?

The adventure of Glucose Sweet Design started a few months ago. At the beginning it was simply a way for me to experiment with 3D printing and functional products. I really love the idea that 3D printing is not only for prototyping but also for manufacturing final products. And if people are touched by my designs, it’s even better!

Which design is your favorite and why?

I love the piggy bank because it really benefits from the specificities or our multicolor material. It’s both a hollow shape that can break and a very solid whole tool. And you can entirely customize it. It’s a very simple and well-knows object as well as a unique sculpture. The main function of the object is hidden.

Which 3D softwares do you usually use for your designs?


Do you have some special recommendations that you would like to share for those who start 3D modelling?

For modelling it’s important to choose the software that fits the most with the intended design. I’m way faster at modelling on Rhino that sketching a perspective in a notebook! It allows me to rapidly visualize my idea. At the opposite, if I have to design a figurine with many details I would prefer to use Blender. What seems also very important to me is to always check that my file is “clean” before exporting it. It will guarantee a good processing by the 3D printers.

Which 3D printing materials and colors do you recommend for your designs?

Almost all of my designs can be customized. I like the idea that my customers can make my designs their own. It’s like the “diversified series production” by Gaetano Pesce with a 3D printing twist!

Thanks Emilie!

We invite you to go visit Glucose Sweet Design and start customizing today!

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