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3D Printing Optical Illusions: Escher for Real

Posted By Sculpteo on Aug 29, 2012 | 0 comments

A few days ago, Sculpteo user Georges de Wailly shared with us an interesting news about 3D printing on our Facebook page. We think that many of you will like it.

Gershon Elber of the Computer Science Department of Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, 3D printed some of the most famous Escher’s drawings, master of illusion. The project is called Escher for Real.

These 3D shapes reproduces impossible Escher effect when viewed from a specific angle. Among the pieces that have been 3D printed so far: Penrose Triangle, Waterfall, Belvedere or Relativity.



Credit photos: Escher for Real

A great example of the power of 3D printing for creating challenging shapes and pushing the boundaries of design.

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