3D printing: learn how to 3D print glasses

How-To 3D Print Glasses

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Cordavi is a student at San Jose State University studying Digital Media Arts, and an avid user of Techshop. He shared a few days ago a very interesting tutorial on Instructables for those of you who always wanted to 3D print glasses but don’t know exactly yet how to do.

Credit picture: Cordavi on Instructables.com

In his tutorial, he shared a simple .stl file of a pair of glasses he modeled. Strangely enough, he decided to use Minecraft and the 3D print exporter tool Mineways to create the glasses. We liked this DIY hands-on approach. Fun and creative. (By the way, did you know that the founder of Mineways has a very active store on Sculpteo? You may want to check it out)

Credit picture: Cordavi on Instructables.com

Once you’re done with the shape of your glasses, you can then export your model and have it 3D printed on your personal 3D printer for the draft version or at Sculpteo if you prefer a better finish. For this kind of object, we recommend our new Polished Plastic or our very good looking Painted Detail Resin (10 colors available).

Tutorial available here: How-to 3D print glasses

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