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3DPcase covered in Wired, Mashable, Ubergizmo and counting!

Posted By Sculpteo on Sep 12, 2012 | 0 comments

Since its launching yesterday, 3DPcase is catching the attention of a very fast-growing number of iPhone users and big media!

Wired is emphasizing the intuitive and easy user experience enabled by 3DPcase:

“That’s changing. App-based 3D-printing services are streamlining the design process and opening it up to smartphone-enabled consumers” Read the article on Wired.com


Mashable is focusing on our gutsy offer for iPhone 5 cases pre-orders! 3DPcase users can already design and pre-order their 3D printed custom iPhone 5 case ahead of Apple event happening tomorrow.

“As an added bonus and to prove they were among the first to buy a case for the new iPhone, the company will print the date and time it was ordered on the side of the case.” Read the article on Mashable.com


For Ubergizmo, what really makes the difference with 3DPcase is the wild array of customization enabled for the user for a very reasonable price.

“The good news is that unlike other 3D printed cases which might cost more due to the customization, 3DP cases are actually pretty affordable at $20-$25 each.” Read the article on Ubergizmo.com


3Dprinting.com titles about our “New super cool iPhone/iPad app”. iPhone4.fr describes 3DPcase as “fun and innovative” [in French]. Macitynet.it details how we will be able to propose iPhone 5 cases before everyone else [in Italian]!

Have you already download 3DPcase [iTunes link]? What do you think about it? Please leave your reviews in the comments or in the Apple store! We listen.

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