3D printing: pre-order your custom 3D printed iPhone 5

Exclusive Gallery of iPhone 5 3D Printed Cases: Get Yours Today on 3DPcase

Posted By Sculpteo on Sep 14, 2012 | 0 comments

The iPhone 5 is just out…and you can already create and pre-order your custom 3D printed iPhone 5 case thanks to 3DPcase, the best accessory happening to iPhone 5 since iPhone 5!

Here is how your iPhone 5 protected by the 3DPcase custom profile case would look like. Design has been thought to perfectly adopt the shape of the new iPhone. 3D printing is among the most precise product technology ever available.We work with the best 3D printers on the market to ensure you the best product quality. Your case will be printed layer by layer with a thickness lower than 100 microns.

Your 3D Printed Case is a very unique item. Only YOU can get one, and it is made by the most amazing technology existing so far!

Enjoy our gallery!


Admire the quality of details. You can design and get your own 3D Printed Case today thanks to our free iPhone/iPad app and our website. Prices start at $14.90 and shipping is international.

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