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Quick Round-up of 3DPCase iPhone Cases Templates (Part 1)

Posted By Sculpteo on Oct 12, 2012 | 0 comments

Since the launch of 3DPCase a months ago, you’ve been an astounding number to play with the app and 3D print your own iPhone case! Before to show you some of the best creations of the week, we would like to adress you a huge thanks for loving 3DPcase as much as we do!

Let’s go for a quick round-up of which kind of templates you can actually build with 3DPCase:


Engraved lets you upload the picture of your choice and decide of the text you want to appear in the bottom and on the sides of your case. It’s the one that gives the most astounding results in my opinion, and is perfectly designed for small businesses or music bands for example.


If we have to choose which 3DPCase is the most personal one, Profile is the winner! Take a profile picture of a friend and you and get a unique case that looks mysteriously familiar. A case that is truly unique.


Hilbert has been designed by Cinemo, winner of our iPhone case contest. This amazing shape comes from the discovery of 19th century mathematician David Hilbert. It looks like a maze but it’s impossible to get lost!

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