3D printing: Vinyl Toy Records 3D printed

3D Print your Own Vinyl Toy Records

Posted By on Nov 7, 2012 |

We want to share with you an amazing 3D printing project shared step-by-step by fred27 on Instructables. He is the one who created a 3D printed Fisher Price toy record player. And he shows you now how to create your own records for it! This project will speak to the kid in you.

Picture by fred27 on Instructables.com: 3D printing records for a Fisher Price toy record player

In this new Instructables fred27 explained how to create 3D printing records that works with a Fisher Price toy record player. He developed on his own a free software (for Windows) for editing your tune and previewing the song before the print!

I recommend to follow his Instructables step-by-step: edit your song, generate a .stl file with OpenSCAD and 3D print your disc! You can use a personal 3D printer or ask a 3D printing service to do it for you.

We are here for helping you! For this project we recommend our colored plastic that comes in 11 beautiful colors. What about a bright yellow for “You’re my sunshine” or a deep dark for the “Star Wars theme”?

Thanks a lot fred27 for sharing this how-to ! Keep up the good work!

Dear Sculpteo users, what do you think of it? Which song would you 3D print?

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