Made in 3D Challenge's Design Guidelines: Time to play !

Made in 3D Challenge’s Design Guidelines: Time to play !

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The Made In 3D Challenge organized in partnership between Dassault Systemes and Sculpteo is still going on !

Create a 3D design and get a chance to win an iPad and your design 3D printed at

Upload your design on 3DVIA before March, the 3rd 2013 and tag it “madein3D”.


This challenge is a good time to practice your design and 3D printing skills ! We have a few tips for you that will make your life much easier for making your design a good fit for 3D printing… and have a better chance to win !

  • The model must have volume or wall thickness if interior spaces are shown. Minimum wall thickness of 1mm.
  • The model should be stable. You may need to consider a stand or base for certain models.
  • Keep in mind object scale. You will be printing in a maximum of 15cm x 15cm x15cm volume. Scale appropriately!
  • You model file, plus associated textures (when zipper), must not exceed 25mb.
  • Keep an eye on your surface direction or normals before you export.

For your inspiration, think for example of art, lamps, furnitures, toys, art toys , jewelry, IT accessories, fashion… or any other great design idea !

For details about the criteria and jury, check our article or the contest page.

Ask us anything about the contest in the comments below. We are here for you.

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