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Science Pops Beauty: Sculpteo 3D Prints L’Oreal Trophies

Posted By Sculpteo on Feb 19, 2013 | 3 comments

L’Oreal Research & Innovation organized a contest for rewarding its teams on three main themes: active ingredient, process & methodology, collaboration.

Design firm Chevalvert created the trophies that were given to the winners. They got inspired by the shape of scientific notebooks and research binders. The sculptures give life to scientific research. Calculations, tests and collaborative documents take shape in these beautiful and complex sculptures.


Each trophy has its own DNA. The models are generated thanks to a mathematical algorithm. They are all different.

L’Oreal and Chevalvert chose Sculpteo to 3D print the sculptures. We used our White Plastic, which is a strong, precise and sligthly flexible polyamid. The shape couldn’t have been made by any other mean than 3D printing. Generative design and 3D printing enables light and complex shapes to come to life. We love it.



Artistic Direction: Chevalvert

Product Design & Development: Jean-Sébastien Lagrange

3D printing: Sculpteo

Photos: David Lemonnier / Chevalvert

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