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3DPCase Now Available for Samsung Galaxy Cases !

Posted By Sculpteo on Feb 20, 2013 | 1 comment

Many of you have asked for it in the last months… And it is now there !

3DPcase is now available for Samsung Galaxy users !

Custom cases are ready to order for Samsung Galaxy SIII, Galaxy SII and Galaxy Note II.


With 3DPcase, you can create custom-made cases for your smartphone. Thanks to 3D printing, each case is unique and form-fitted for you phone. Our cases are thin and light. They use a material called polyamid (an other name for nylon), which is both sturdy and slightly flexible. On top of the 3D printing, we apply a special finishing technique using small soft stones that polish the surface in a very smooth way.

PhaseOne Nov1237434 - 1024 JPEG

3DPcases is a very unique service. We received the CES Innovations Award 2013 for it. We collaborate with international designers who create exclusive cases templates. You are part of the creation by changing the templates as you want it. Want this curve more curvy ? Simply slide your mouse on it. The profile of your boyfriend and his name ? Upload your picture and write your favorite text.


Browse into our models, they are all different… and all fun ! From the very popular Skull case by designer Hugo Arcier to the very DIY (Do It Yourself) Cross-Stitch that wants you to actually sew colorful threads to your case, each case is a 3D creative experience in itself.

PhaseOne Nov1237429 - 462 JPEG

At Sculpteo, we have a special crush for Shadow Profile where the shape of your case comes from a picture of your profile. All of us have tried it ! And you, which one is your favourite ?

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