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Let’s Create Pottery in 3D Printing: 3D Printed Pots with Sculpteo

Posted By Sculpteo on Mar 4, 2013 | 6 comments

The art of pottery used to require lots of practice and experience but now thanks to 3D printing pottery apps, anyone can create 3D pottery! The plastic material used for 3D printed pots is unmatched because the material is plastic instead of ceramics, which makes 3D printed pottery more durable in most cases. The complexity that can be achieved with 3D printed pots cannot be replicated by hand, we’re going to take a deeper look at how this technology can help you with your pottery. Let’s create Pottery with 3D printing!


Let's Create Pottery!

3D printed pottery from your smart phone using the Let’s Create Pottery! app.


Infinite Games & Sculpteo have partnered to create a pottery game

Sculpteo and Polish game development company Infinite Dreams are partnering to let you create digital potteries and get them 3D printed. Let’s Create Pottery! is a very popular app where you can use your tablet or smartphone to shape, fire and paint potteries. Virtual pots become physical thanks to Sculpteo. Your virtual pottery becomes an actual pottery in the physical world.

The app is a really fun and creative way to create 3D pottery where you model pots by touching the screen. It’s a great pottery game for anyone interested in creating art. The community can share their models on the app platform; more than a quarter million virtual pots have already been created through the app!

How Let’s Create Pottery! works.

We use a 3D printing technique for your 3D pot that gives you the exact replica of your virtual model: shape, texture and colors come to life exactly as you created it. Pots have a sandy texture, really close to clay.

3D Printed Potter, from the Let's Create Pottery app.

The app is available on many smart devices, which makes 3D printing pots easy!

In an exclusive interview with MAKE, Clement Moreau, CEO of Sculpteo, explained what is behind the partnership Sculpteo-Infinite Dreams:

“This partnership demonstrates how ineluctably the division between the digital world and real world is disappearing thanks to 3D printing technology.

We like the idea that 3D printing is a tool to transfer things you create in virtual reality into physical reality.”

Potter in 3D

You can see here the 3D pot on the smart device next to the 3D printed pot.

There is a real satisfaction in holding your 3D printed pot in your hands. We showed Let’s Create Pottery! at the Consumer Electronics Show in January along with 3D printed pots coming directly from the app. Everyone stopping by had a spontaneous need to touch the pots and look at the complicated patterns created by app users.

3D printed pottery

3D printed pot that was featured at the consumer electronics show

Maximum height of a printed pot is 10 inches / 25cm. Prices start at $4.99. Potteries come in a beautiful packaging, shipped from anywhere in the world.



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