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Creating adaptaters for old ipod docks thanks to 3D printing

Posted By Sculpteo on Apr 3, 2013 | 0 comments

The Sculpteo team launches an universal dock adaptor for iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 uses a different connector than all previous Apple phones models. Your favourite dock is now useless…. Really? 3D printing is changing the game. You can now 3D print your own dock at Sculpteo to support and protect your Apple Lightning cable. Simply add our 3D printed piece to your dock and transform your old adaptor into a brand new one.

The iPhone 5 dock adaptor is 3D printed on-demand at Sculpteo and ship to you in only 48hours. It is fully custom, which means that you can change the color, add your text… Make it your own.

3D printing is a life-changing technology for manufacturing repairing and extra pieces to your everyday objects.

For Clement Moreau, CEO of Sculpteo, told us:

“This  3D printed iPhone dock is a demonstration of the power of online 3D printing.

This project shows that we are entering in a new Industrial age where missing pieces can be produced on-demand and make our objects live much longer.”

Get the Apple Lightning cable, 3D print your dock at Sculpteo, and plug your iPhone 5 !

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