Autodesk Acquires Tinkercard, the Browser-Based CAD Tool

Tinkercad has found a new home at Autodesk

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on May 20, 2013 | 0 comments

As if Makers had not had their share of excitement at the Maker Faire this weekend, Autodesk has announced the acquisition of Tinkercad, the browser-based 3-D modeling tool. Since Saturday the website is back online and fully operational. The team has also extended the free plan and you can now freely create unlimited designs.

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The deal takes place less than on month after Kai Bachman, the founder and CEO of Tinkercad, announced his plan to close the website. The aim of Tinkercad was to eliminate all technical barriers and let anyone without any 3D knowledge to create “professional” designs. Plus the service was tightly integrated to different 3D printing services, including Sculpteo.

This purchase is particularly meaningful for Autodesk, since their 123D apps are sharing the really same goal. As a result, Autodesk said it will include the service inside the 123D package of apps and services. At Sculpteo, we were thrilled to hear the news, since we recently teamed up with Autodesk to offer 3D prints of littles creatures designed within 123D creature. If you want to give it a try, you can download the app for free here.


Tinkercad was sadly missed by our users who wanted to easily designs models and we’re happy to see the website back online. Also, we tested our integration within the service earlier today, and it’s up und running again! It is possible to design within Tinkercad and directly order a print on Sculpteo’s website again. 

We wish Tinkercad the best for its relaunch and can’t wait to see what Autodesk has planned for the future of the service.

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