It's possible to get Kinder Suprice toy without break the egg!

Get the toy of a Kinder Surprise without even breaking the egg

Posted By on Jun 25, 2013 |

Good news for the parents! Thanks to Laura North, an engineering postgrad from Swansea University (United Kingdom), it’s now possible to get the Kinder Surprise toy without breaking the chocolate egg.


For the 2013’s edition of the Research as Art award, a contest which aims to link innovation research and art, the judging panel responsible for the “Project Surprise” entry decided to reward Laura North.

The student attempted to modelize and then make the toy inside a Kinder Surprise without even touching the wrapping of the egg. To make it possible, Laura used an X-Ray CT scan and then 3d printed the scan on a MakerBot Replicator 2. She also had the idea to explain the relatively complex process on a comic book-like poster.  


We are still wondering, however, if she got the original toy anyway.


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