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New “graphic cases” let you personalize your 3D printed smartphone case with the picture of your choice

Posted By on Jul 2, 2013 |

We’ve worked on a new look for your personalized 3D printed smartphone case! You can now order cases for the iPhone 4 / 4s / 5 with a picture of your choice. The process is called dye sublimation. It lets you apply a picture directly on the surface of a 3D printed smartphone case. At the end of the process, you’ll have a nice case with a mat finish.

coque bonhomme 1024

If you want one of these, you’ll find them in the “case builder” section of our 3DP case website. After selecting your iPhone model and the “graphic case” design, you’ll to able to upload one of your picture and apply it on the case.

The 3D viewer will let you check the result. You can adjust the photo and the way it fits into the “iPhone frame” by zooming and moving the picture.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 14.12.15
All you have to do now is to find the perfect photo for your 3D printed smartphone case. Browsing between hundred of your own pictures will probably be the hardest part. Don’t hesitate to share your design with us.

coque voiture carré 1024


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