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“Project Vincible” on Kickstarter teams up with Sculpteo to 3D print your rewards

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Jul 19, 2013 | 0 comments

Last weekend, we received a tweet from Sarah Ledesma, one of the winner! She’s launching a Kickstarter campaign for her new web series, Project Vincible: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sarahledesma/project-vincible

Project Vincible is about the life and death of the world’s first superhero, Mr. Invincible. The story takes place on the eve of Mr. Invincible’s untimely death. It is here we find our characters – both foes and allies – coming to terms with the world’s greatest superhero becoming VINCIBLE.

The campaign starts today with the opening of Comic-Con International: San Diego, California. Sarah and the writer/director of the web serie Peter DiCicco send us some picture of them at the event. So here is the proof that they’re really invested in the Kickstarter campaign.

Sarah Ledesma Project Vincible Producer

Peter DiCicco (Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Broken Mirrors, NYU) came up with the original idea of the web serie, and Sarah is responsible for the production part. Peter said, “Our goal with this project is to make superheroes seem as real as possible, as though they really exist in our world and they’ve had historical lasting impact in the context of our lives.”

Peter DiCicco Writer and Director

The cast includes bright and up-and-coming actor Amy Roiland (SAG) as the super spy Assassin, Mod Elle. The rest of the amazingly talented cast includes David Tressel, Kate Ryan, Joseph Voelbel, Brandon Hoang, Charles McIIvain, Rufus G Jones Jr., and Stefanie Ogden.

Rounding out the creators includes the talented Director of Photography Jasmine Lord. She is a camera operator/videographer who shoots runway and backstage for fashion weeks (Mercedes-Benz) around the world as well as working on documentaries and commercials.

For her fundraising campaign, Sarah decided to offer you lots of different rewards including stickers, t-shirts and also 3D printed keychain with Mr. Invincible logo on it. Sarah told us she was thrilled to use 3D printing for the promotion of her web serie. We’re proud to be part of her project.

Invincible Mr. Comic Con

If you’re interested in the project, you can follow it on Twitter @Projectvincible or join the fan page on Facebook at www.facebook/ProjectVincible and of course support the project http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sarahledesma/project-vincible

We will give you some news of the project in the future and we hope you like the 3D printed rewards Sarah has imagined for you!

Sarah Ledesma Project Vincible Producer

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