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And the winners of the massive CGTrader challenge are…

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Jul 31, 2013 | 0 comments

Two months ago, CGTrader launched a massive contest with some partners. The goal was to create ready to print 3D models. Clearly, you’ve answered to the call, there were 251 3D printable models that met the given standard and took a part in a competition. Among them we found a dozen of sculptures, jewelry, busts, fractals, DNA chains, simple things for daily use and even a surf board. There has been long debates to designate the winners. Sculpteo has been thrilled to participate to this competition. We reached out to the winners to give them their prizes!

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Here are the results:

Best 3D Printable Model


The Winner of The Best 3D Printable Model: Traveler: Head by CHEE This surreal bust of Traveler made by a skilled 3D designer CHEE has completely rocked this competition. Applause for the stunning creative design. The artist has uploaded the whole series of Traveler 3D printable models, giving them different codenames. It is pure sci-fi, resembling all the Hollywood movies about the aliens and space colonization. Why is it the best? Because it perfectly matches the requirements, it is new, conceptual, original and well-modeled. What more does an awesome model need? Congrats, Chee! Get your Ultimaker, print it out and send a picture to us!

CGTrader 1

1st Runner-up

This Hand Cranked Power Generator, realised by the ingenious 3D designer Even Erichsen, got this award without any doubts. It is remarkably functional, catching and convincing. The author has already printed it out and it seems to be working properly. The rotor spins upwards to 4000rpms and produces about 40 volts, with no load. So, we are honoured to support the genius.

CGTrader 2

2nd Runner-up

No 3D model competition could pass without the mystical creatures, vampires, zombies and their hunters. Ola Sundberg, who is an amazingly talented character artist, provided a highly realistic, atmospheric, well-done and comic bust of Zombie Hunter. Compliments for the most intense and realistic 3D printable character!

CGTrader 3

Best 3D Printable Portfolio 


Winner of The Best 3D Printable Model Portfolio: SamAbbottDesign We keep repeating that simplicity hides the genius. Here we have a proof. 3D designer Sam Abbott Design has bribed the jury with his objects that are simple, but delicately modeled to the smallest parts. To be straight, he won for the most versatile collection and intricate details in all of the 30 models submitted. They vary from original rings to iPhone 5 covers, espresso cups and a skateboard deck.  He says, do you want some coffee? We just could not say no. So, now he will have his very own 3D printer from Ultimaker. Please, let us know, when you start 3D printing dishes. And send one to our office. Deal?

CGTrader 4

1st Runner-up

1st Runner-up in The Best 3D Portfolio Category: Othar Vive la Othar! This 3D artwork shows that women inspire the artist a lot. His entry collection is full of different women types. They are warriors, lovers, sorceresses and attractants. Othar is a highly skillful 3D artist, so could not slip unnoticed by the jury. All have agreed that his designs are outstanding, they meet the standard and are friendly to any 3D printer. Congrats!

CGtrader 5


2nd Runner-up

2nd Runner-up in The Best 3D Printable Model Category: Jeremie Brunet Fractals are kind of magical. Jeremie Brunet has proved that he knows how to deal with them. He creates fragile form, combines complex ornaments and aesthetics together. 3D printing technology will help the fractal art enter the mainstream. Stunning designs have amazed the jury. We are already thinking about having such a cute piece of art in our office. Do not stop, Jeremie, you have mad skills!

CGTrader 6

Special thanks to the 3D Printing Competition’s Sponsors. If you are interested, check the prizes!

Thanks to all of you! Keep creating. Keep rendering, because new challenges are coming ahead!

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