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bhold launches a design house committed to innovative, user-centric designs!

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Aug 8, 2013 | 0 comments

There has been lots of progress in 3D printing. Ranging from new businesses, new repositories, new amazing 3D printed objects, it has been hard to keep track of everything. But since last week, we’re in touch with Susan Taing, the founder at bhold, and we have to say we’re quite fond of the way she sees the future of 3D printing with her new startup.


Unlike most of the new attempts in 3D printing, bhold doesn’t count on crowdsourced content to grow its user base. The company defines itself as a design house and aims to be a design hub for 3D printed objects. The goal is to create innovative and user-centric designs, that are directly thought for 3D printing and not for traditional manufacturing. In house designers are working around the latest materials available in 3D printing, with the aim to let anyone use it in its every day life.

Susan explains that bhold aims to deliver and differentiate in four areas:

Get it Faster. bhold pre-prints their designs to make sure that customers can receive their orders on a normal online shopping time frame of a few days, not weeks.

Unique Designs using the latest 3D materials – Creative and functional designs with a little bit of magic.

Faster response to market feedback, 3D printing allows everyone to use immediate feedback from customers in planning and research for new products as well as improvements to existing products, what bhold is calling “responsive product design”. bhold plans to take advantage of this feedback cycle to make it happen more efficiently and faster than ever before.

Quality – every bhold item goes through extensive testing and quality check before it heads out to you. This is especially important given the newness of 3D printing.

Susan’s vision for bhold came from the realization that the production of goods is mostly inefficient. She states:

“Our consumer products today are mass produced overseas with long product cycle times that typically last 6 months. Any one product requires a minimum order in the thousands, and importers must fill up entire shipping containers to be efficient about shipping costs. The need to forecast 1-2 seasons ahead adds uncertainty and large minimum orders create inefficiencies and thus waste in the process.”

She sees bhold as a solution to bridge consumer manufacturing and consumer needs. Also bhold aims to empower the ones who don’t have enough capital to launch their own products. On this issue, Susan adds:

“Similar to how the Internet transformed the software development world, 3D printing technology will empower a new world of independent brands and designers, giving consumers more choice than ever before.”

bhold works basically like a e-commerce website, where your feedback impacts the design of each product on a very short notice. It’s not about crowdsourced design, but rather about crowdsourced feedback based on a concrete concept that directly impacts production. Besides that, you just need to browse through a catalog and pick the objects of your choice.


For now our best pick is the bneat organizer which lets you hug your earphone cords to secure them without firm clasps or holds.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 20.32.53

But we’re confident the catalog will grow quickly and let you find hundreds of innovative and well-designed products.

We encourage you to take a look at bhold’s brand new website and to get in touch with them if you like what you see by emailing [email protected].

We are thrilled to see this new company come to life with an original solution to 3D printing. We wish bhold and its team a long and successful journey ahead.

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