The Friday Pick List - 2013/08/16

The Friday Pick List

Posted By on Aug 16, 2013 |

Another week comes to an end. But it’s not a sad news, on the contrary! It’s time to discover our friday pick list with some awesome 3D printed objects.

We’re fond of this particular “implicit” spinning-top ring. It takes a little while to catch the the right way to “launch” it, but once you got it, it’s pretty fun to watch. We’ve printed in our blue plastic material, but you’re free to order it in any color. Watch the video bellow to see how it’s spinning!

Tamfang‘s designed a beautiful “mobius bracelet“. The design is made of a single endless strand. We’ve printed it in red plastic, but you’re free to pick the color you want. You just need to personalize the size to make sure it fits your wrist.


That’s all for this week! Good weekend every one!


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