Busy month for Sculpteo in September! Meetups, Inside 3D Printing, World Maker Faire, Designer’s Night… a lot of Worldwide events ! | Sculpteo Blog

Busy month for Sculpteo in September! Meetups, Inside 3D Printing, World Maker Faire, Designer’s Night… a lot of Worldwide events !

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Aug 29, 2013 | 0 comments

We’ve been busy all summer planning different worldwide events for September. The list is quite long, and if you’re in the US, in France or in the UK, you have a shot at meeting us to discuss your 3D printing projects!


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In France:


  • September events are starting for us with a joint Meetup. Clément Moreau, our CEO, will be speaking during the third Paris Tech Talks Meetup at Deezer HQ in Paris. The event starts at 7:30pm on September 10th. The talks will be in English and videos will be available on Paris Tech Talk’s Youtube channel. Sponsors will provide food and booze. You can register here, but be quick, there is only a limited number of places.



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In the USA:



  • The next big event in the 3D printing world will be the “Inside 3D printing” conference between 17th-18th September in San Jose, CA. Our US team members will welcome you during the whole event on our booth to let you play with 3D printed objects and answer all the questions you can have.

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  • The same week, we will be at the World Maker Faire in New York City during 21st-22nd September. Right now, we are collecting all sorts of 3D printed objects what we made in our facilities to show them to you on our booth.For the newcomers, Maker Faire is a worldwide series of showcases created by Make magazine. The idea behind each event is to feature the works of makers, tinkerers, engineers, artists, science clubs, or students of the whole world. The World Maker Faire in NYC is the largest one. Sebastien and Arthur will be at there to answer all your question about our the possibilities of 3D printing.We’re thrilled to see you at the World Maker Faire! Let’s MAKE it happen.


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In the UK:


  • On September 13th, our team is going to London for the Designer’s Night hosted at the Design Museum for the “Future is Here” exhibition. This is an informally structured event of drop-in talks and show-and-tell presentations. Every corner of the museum will be used with pop up talks and presentations scheduled throughout the evening for the audience to experience. If you’re in London, be sure to come see us and many others to discover incredible stuff. 
  • For the eighteenth edition of TCT Show+Personalize, Clément Moreau, our CEO will be a keynote speaker. The event takes place during the 25th and 26th of September in Birmingham. TCT Show + Personalize is the UK’s definitive and leading Additive Manufacturing, 3D printing and product development technology show for every level of interest from hackerspace to aerospace.

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That’s about it for September! If you want to setup a meeting or an interview during one of these events, reach out to us: [email protected]


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