Instead of tpublic transit cards get a 3D printed ring

A 3D-printed ring to replace public transit cards

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If you have to take public transportation every day, chances are that you find it annoying when you can’t find your transportation card at the bottom of your bag. Two undergraduate students at MIT might just have the solution for you. 

They invented the 3D-printed “Sesame Ring” to replace Boston’s transit card, the Charlie Card.

“Having missed the train many times while fishing for our Charlie Cards (smart cards used for public transportation in Massachusetts), we looked for a solution in wearable technology. After months of hard work, we created the 3D-printed Sesame Ring, supported by the MBTA,” writes the duo. “Now, you can walk right up to the gantry, use scientifically approved magic, and scoot on through!”

a peek at how the Black/Gold Sesame Ring will look on you

The 3D printed ring was developped to work with an embedded RFID. You simply need to tap the ring against Charlie Card readers. The most amazing thing in this project is that the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) gave their green light, and found the solution quite useful. Edward Tiong, one of the project’s creators, says:

“MBTA officials have expressed their support of the project, and provided us with the materials and technology necessary to launch this Kickstarter.”

As for 3D printing, it gives anyone the possibility to customize his very own ring. Now in the future, if you’re not a ring-person yourself, we hope you’ll be able to wear it around your wrist or even as a pin directly on your sleeve.

The journey is just beginning. Your interest and support will fuel our passion and lead our project on to heights we can only dream of. We want to keep improving our ring – make it sleeker, metallic, and multi-functional. Imagine, Sesame Rings opening doors, replacing smart cards, and more!


If you want to help them with their project, the two MIT students just launched a kickstarter campaign.


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