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Next week: Parisian Meetup with the creator of the OpenReflex

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Sep 7, 2013 | 0 comments

Kids are going back to school, and grown ups back to work. September is also a good time for you to take over your 3D printing projects where you left them! To smooth the abrupt change between work and vacation, we’ve planned a new Meetup in Paris. The event will take place on September 11th at La Cantine. 

The event is co-organized by Dassault Systèmes. The goal is to understand the possibilities of 3D printing and to learn about the good practices to design for a print. The Meetup will start at 6:30pm. 4 speakers are planned, among them we are thrilled to announce Léo Marius, the creator of the Open Reflex!

Open reflex

– Fabien Noyer : Dassault Systèmes : FabLab & 3Dprint @ Dassault Systèmes : Feedback and futur developments.

– Arthur Cassaignau and Vivien Chappelier Sculptéo : Parametric Design and 3D Printing

– Romain Pouzol and Cyril Chapellier CKAB : Myths and reality about 3D Printing

– Léo Marius: Creator of the OpenReflex, the first open source 3D printed SLR camera.

These four talks will be followed by one or two workshops to understand the whole 3D printing process, from scanning / designing to printing.

07:45pm – 09:00pm: workshops

09:00pm: Pizzas, beers & networking

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