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Maker Faire Rome: 10% off on Sculpteo for every participants of the 3D Printing Exhibition!

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Sep 12, 2013 | 0 comments

If you’re a maker and you’re living in Europe, then you’re probably looking forward to the European edition of Maker Faire in Rome. We’ve teamed up with Maker Faire Rome for the 3D Printing Exhibition to let any participants in any category of the contest have a 10% reduction coupon. The winner will get a 250 euros voucher for his print!

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For a two weeks you can submit your participation with your 3D prints using the form posted here; remember that you have until September 24 to submit the form with the images and the sooner you do it, the sooner we can organize things in the best possible way.

The goal behind this exhibition is to allow all the visitors who have never seen 3D printing to understand what can be done with these devices: they have been widely talked about, but good examples are certainly worth a thousand words.

Each print will be accompanied by the name of the work and the information that the author wants to provide, so if you are looking for contacts for business or for passion, this is an opportunity not to be underestimated, also because at the end of the exhibit, we will create an electronic catalogue of all the works on display.

There are also three more sponsors to this contest, so that every winner in each category gets a nice prize!

if you participate in the Ingenuity category – you will have the chance to take home an iModela by Roland DG. The iModela iM-01 comes from the experience of almost thirty years in the technology of Roland’s 3D milling. iModela iM-01 is a three-dimensional modeler table that is extremely easy to use. It allows you to work with wax, resin, chemical wood and the plastics that are so popular in the world of DIY, hobbies, computer graphics and prototyping. iModela uses a mini cutter to drill, cut, dig and perform different types of processing. Different types of mini cutters can be used to make cuts, to punch holes, to shape and to give things the form you want.

If you participate in the WOW category, you can win a Kentstrapper Volta 3D printer. The new  Kentstrapper 3D printer was born between Florence and Milan, along the imaginary line that combines the best Italian craftsmanship with the international Maker movement’s passion for research and innovation.

If you participate in the category of printing techniques, the prize is a Sharebot Pro 3D printer. This printer is now in its third version, and offers all the major features of a high-quality 3D printer: it has a dual extruder with nozzles of 0.4 mm and is powered by a 1.75 mm cord. It has the heated plate and prints a volume of up to 20x20x20cm.

Good luck everyone! We hope to see some amazing models!

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