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Orange partners with Sculpteo to let you personalize your phone cases thanks to 3D printing!

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Oct 1, 2013 | 2 comments

In partnership with Orange, one of the biggest European telcos, we are launching a new 3D printing service. Orange is providing a 3D printing customization tool on its own website to let any of its online visitors use our “3D Printing Cloud Engine“.

Orange 3DP case

Starting today, visitors on Orange website will have the possibility to customize their very own phone cases in the “Accessories section” of its online store. The service allows anyone to create, personalize and order a 3D print of a case for an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy.

This whole project is based on the white labelled solution of our 3D printing Cloud Engine, which lets any e-commerce website handle 3D printing requests. Through this solution, websites are able to offer a 3D printing experience to their visitors, while we take care of every aspects of the production and the shipping. Online partners just have to host the different models that they want to offer. 

Orange 3DP case

Orange sourced different models we already had on our 3DP Case application and added a few original ones. The smartphone cases will be available here starting from 29,99 €

On this new service, our CEO, Clément Moreau, states:

“As we see with this new partnership with Orange, large companies are beginning to integrate 3D printing to their offer. 3D printing can now be seen as an effective and revolutionary mean of production. By implementing this service on a website, which has millions of unique visitors every month, Sculpteo and Orange are showing that it’s now possible to offer a tangible and commercial application of 3D printing for a general use product”

Luc Bretones, Executive Director of Orange Technocentre, adds:

 “The 3D printing solution we offer with Sculpteo is a wonderful innovation for Orange customers. This unique service is a first step, we will definitely tighten our partnership in the future”

The good news is that shipping fees are free if you’re ordering at least two cases on Orange website.

We hope you are as excited as us about this amazing new service and we thanks our partner Orange for their awesome support! Now let’s go to Orange website and start customizing! 



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