This Innovation Month in SF, 10% discount for all US residents

For the Innovation Month in San Francisco, every US residents get a 10% discount!

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Last year’s inaugural Innovation Month was a great success. Following those tracks, this year’s edition will also be a good opportunity to celebrate the people, companies, and institutions that make San Francisco one of the best cities to live and work.

Since our headquarter in the US is based in San Francisco, we figured it would be a great thing to support Innovation Month and get every US residents a 10% discount code on our 3D printing service. The code runs until the end of the month, you just need to enter it when you validate your order:


As Major Ed Lee states in his announcement:

This year, we’re continuing the tradition with a month-long celebration that highlights not just the technology companies that make our city hum, but the individuals, civic and private institutions that build opportunities for innovation in the City of San Francisco.

If you want to discover more about all the different celebrations, you can take a look here! We’re looking forward to doing great things with you! Come join us!

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