Attend Sculpteo's talks during the next 3D Print Shows in London and Paris

Attend Sculpteo’s talks during the next 3D Print Shows in London and Paris

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You’ll be in London the 9th of November? Or in Paris between the 14th and 15th? That’s great news. We’ve been invited by the 3D Print Show for a series of talks about 3D printing both in London and Paris.

Alex, our UI / UX Designer, will give a speech called “3D Printing for Dummies” on Saturday the 9th of November in the Cone. It’ll start at 10:00am. The goal behind the talk is to let you learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about 3D Printing but were afraid to ask… We’ve compiled all the top questions that we’ve been asked in the past 4 years – from the simple to the completely unexpected.

3D print show

Just a week later, the 3D Print Show is moving to Paris. Clement, our CEO, will be giving a talk on Friday during the Business / Industry of the show. It starts at 1:30pm on November the 15th in the Sphere. The aim of the talk is to let anyone understand how to start a business with 3D Printing. What are the possibilities? What are the business models? How to integrate 3D Printing in a business?

3D print show

On Saturday, Marine, our CMO, will meet you at 2:00pm in the Sphere for our “3D printing for Dummies” talk.

3D print Show

For both events, we’ll be present on a booth to answer all your questions and to show tons of 3D printing objects and art pieces. There will be a little extra on the booth for the Parisian 3D Print Show.

We’re thrilled to have this occasion to meet you in London and Paris, and to give three talks in ten days. If you have any question or press inquiry, just shoot us an email: arthur_at_sculpteo_dot_com




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