In the future, you can build your house with 3D printing.

3D print your future home!

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If you plan to buy a new home or even to build one, then you’re very limited when it comes to the possibilities of seeing your new place in 3D. On Instructables, user , created a 3D model of a home, which features a living-room, a bathroom, a small kitchen and a patio.


The designer even designed the little piece of furniture for him to move them, and change the organization of his home. That way, you can preview the way everything is going to look for the big day when you move in.


This is just an example among many, but it sure illustrates what’s possible to do with 3D printing. When you’re planing to deal with complex 3D scenes, 3D printing is a very good way to visualize the space, and even to play with something you can’t see in life size yet.

We’d like to thank  for this very good use of 3D printing!

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