Learn about erotic evolution through science and 3D printing

Meet Natacha Merritt and learn about erotic evolution through science and 3D printing

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There are many projects out there that involve 3D printing and erotic creations, but none of them is as elaborateas Natacha Merritt‘s new “Sexual Selection” Kickstarter campaign. The american photographer, artist and biologist takes on Kickstarter to raise money to finance her new exhibition, transform it in a worldwide tour and give life to very unique pieces of art.

Sexual selection

Natacha aims to explore the question of how technology and erotica co-evolve. Based on her own artistic evolution, Sexual Selection retraces the evolution of the mediums that she’s using and link it to the evolution of erotica.

In the past, Natacha has always used technology has a mean to sustain her vision of sexuality. She used the very first consumer level digital cameras to capture the sexuality of the early 00s, and is now turning to 3D printing to transform images of spider erections into very unique sculptures. The same way, she has thought the whole “Sexual Selection” exhibition as a way to express the new possibilities offered by the internet. She’s counting on a new collaborative and crowdfounded business model to give life to her art, instead of relying on a gallery or a middleman.

Sexual selection

Funding will be used to print archival quality images for the pop up gallery openings and to fund the creation of 3D printed sculptures of spider erections. These sculptures will be the culminating highlight of the show that is an erotic journey from the first digital photography ever published to the most cutting edge digital technology of today: 3D printing. Funds will also be used to rent the exhibit locations and produce the show.

All backers are invited to keep up to date with artist releases and projects. Other rewards will include invitations to attend opening night and meet the artist and her scientific collaborator Jeremy Miller (SF, LA, London, NYC), while higher level backers will receive prints and 3D printed sculptures.

You can follow Natacha on twitter, and watch her Kickstarter trailer here.

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