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Meet Linlin & Pierre-Yves Jacques at the 3D Print Show in London and Paris

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Nov 5, 2013 | 3 comments

If you want to see the work of two talented artists, then the 3D Print Show in London and Paris are both great occasions. The duo of artists Linlin & Pierre-Yves Jacques are heading off to London this week to present their work at the 3D Print Show in a special exhibition. We’ve caught up with them and had a little chat to talk about art, 3D printing and digital creation. If you’re not in London, they will be at the 3D Print Show in Paris next week and you’ll be able to meet them and see their work during our next Meetup the week after that.

They’ve created a series of pieces around nature and animals. You’ll discover those amazing prints bellow.


Sculpteo: Tell us a little bit about both of you? Who’s Linlin & Pierre-Yves Jacques? Where are you located?

Pierre-Yves: We’re two artists, living together in the countryside near Paris and working together. For us it was a dream to be able to live from our artistic creation. For years, we’ve been thinking about it and we’re thrilled this has become a reality. I think this is deeply rooted in our artistic curriculum. I’ve studied plastic arts and then shifted toward 3D to create lots of different pieces.

Linlin: I started my artistic formation in China, first the Beaux-Arts and then traditional Chinese painting. After that I came to France to nourish my creativity and develop several artistic researches. Also I studied digital creation.

Pierre-Yves: The process of creation with four hands and two minds is not that easy, but I think that’s something we like. We love to confront our ideas, we hope this allows us to give birth to surprising pieces of art.

Linlin: Our cultural differences are a really strong point. We like to travel and then we come back to our studio to extract the very the best of our common inspirations.

Deer sculpteo

Sculpteo: How did you end up using 3D printing in your art? Is it a path you’ve chosen a long time ago? or a new development?

Linlin: We chose to use 3D printing for our first pieces because we’ve always found this process fascinating. With the technologies that we have today, it’s really easy to go from the sketch to the 3D creation. And it gives you a real flexibility in the process. Pierre-Yves has years of experiences with 3D softwares and with 3D printing for the artistic world. It allowed us to fully explore the potential of 3D printing.

Bear Sculpteo

When did you learn to use softwares to design in 3D?

Pierre-Yves: Very early! The first animation movies in 3D really opened my eyes on this strange and limitless universe. I’ve been using it since the beginning of my work on editing 3D softwares to the use of the latest HD “sculpting” tools.

Linlin: Thanks to the evolution of user interface in 3D softwares, I was also able to learn the ground basis very fast. Now I can create my own models and work around textures. Being able to transpose my passion for classic painting to 3D creations is something really exciting. I’m always loved discovering new boundaries to I thought was possible to do.

Elephant Sculpteo

Do you feel any limit to 3D printing? We’ve met artist that are saying it’s in fact really exciting to work around the different possibilities.

Pierre-Yves: It’s really exciting in deed. There is so much to explore. I think that with the right approaches, the possibilities are limitless.

girafe Sculpteo

Who are your favorite artists who are working with 3D printing? Or anyone inspiring you in any way?

Linlin: There are many! And they create amazing pieces of art. I think particularly of Mathieu Briand with whom we had the chance to work. Besides that, we gather inspiration from everywhere. Classical and traditional art with a strong identity, but also contemporary artist and creators like Jean-Paul Gaultier. But what inspires us and amazes us the most is nature with its infinite beauty.

Bird Sculpteo

When was your first exhibit? Or are you looking forward to it?

Pierre-Yves: To be honest, the 3D Print Show in London is our first big exhibition. We are very happy to present our art during this international event. Our first piece of art, “bird travel”, has already been showed in Malaysia and in Japan during different important fashion show dedicated to 3D printing.

What’s the next big step for you?

Linlin: We want to offer pieces of art oh high quality. Something that really reflects us. We hope our work will be appreciated and that we can share our passion the many people.

Anything I forgot to ask? or anything you would like to say?

Pierre-Yves: We’d like to invite curious people to come see our art during the our next exhibitions and to come speak with us.

Linlin: Also, a special thank to Sculpteo. Thanks for our collaboration and the passion that you put in your work.

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