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Ready for the first PRINTATHON ever?

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Nov 14, 2013 | 0 comments

We’re co-organizing the first Printathon ever with a bunch of other partners (Silicon Sentier, 3DS, Sculpteo, Fabrique-Hacktion, CKAB, Schoolab). The Printathon is a creative marathon over a weekend dedicated to create new amazing 3D printed objects.

It will take place in the newly inaugurated NUMA buildings. The aim is to let participants imagine and design objects that will ‘augment’ the co-working space of NUMA, and make it more confortable, smart, and useful.


The Printathon is composed of 3 different sessions:

1. Tuesday 26th November: Formation & mini conferences (4:00pm-10:00pm)

The event will begin on Tuesday night will some schooling about 3D Printing and the right practice to design for 3D printing. For this, we’ve teamed up with the guys of Fabrique-Hacktion. Sculpteo is gonna handle the talk about the constraints of additive manufacturing and the rules to create parts that are printable. The 3DS team will give a quick intro to the designing software, and CKAB will review the different ways to create connected / smart 3D printed objects. 

Fabrique Hacktion
Fabrique Hacktion
Fabrique Hacktion
Fabrique Hacktion

2. Friday the 29th / Saturday the 30th of November. 

On Friday (6:00pm – 8:00pm) : Creation of the teams and brainstorming

Booze and foods is gonna be there to help participants free their minds about what they’d like to see in the space. After that teams will be formed, each one will have at least a confirmed 3D designer in it. Be sure to visit the space before the 29th to observe users’ behaviors and come up with great solutions! .  

On Saturday the 30th (9:30am – 09:00pm): Production of printable designs

This is the day were we actually create designs. From the first sketches to the printable files. At the end of the day, all the files will be collected by Sculpteo’s team to be printed. Over the day, mentors and coaches from all partners will be there to guide you in the creation process as well as for the technical details. All participants will be able to share their opinion on the projects and make it better that way!

Participants will also find breakfast, lunch and of course drinks at the end of the day. (probably not only at the end of the day 😉 )

3. Wednesday the 11th December : Delivery of the 3D printed objects (07:00pm-10:00pm)

All the teams are invited to come present and discover the work that has been done. The work will be unveiled as an itinerary inside the NUMA buildings to see how the space were “augmented”.

** Between Saturday the 30th and Wednesday the 11th, Sculpteo will print the objects. They’ll be installed on site by the teams **

Here is a plan of the building: numa-plan

You can register now for the event! We’ve created different profiles for you, so that we can create great teams with at least one product designers.

Registration is needed, in case you can’t make it, think about freeing your place!

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