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Awesome new feature on CGTrader: 3D print your models with Sculpteo

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Nov 20, 2013 | 0 comments

Sourcing 3D print ready designs can be real bummer! We know the feeling. All we want is to browse through beautiful designs, and be able to print them. For quite a while now, CGTrader had launched a new section called “Print Ready 3D Models”. It was possible to download the files and have them printed either on your own machine, in a makerspace or with an online service like Sculpteo. But starting now CGTrader added a magic button to let you directly order 3D prints in just one click.

What does it mean for you? It means you can browse CGTrader Print Ready 3D Models and order a print of something you like in a matter of second. We’ve collaborated since quite some time with CGTrader, but this is something new. We’ve been working together closely to make a great integration of our 3D Printing Cloud Engine. This is exactly what it’s all about, let any website integrate 3D printing without any trouble.

CGTrader integration

How does it look? There is an icon representing a printer near the 3D Print-ready models which are available to print via Sculpteo. You click on it and without leaving CGTrader website, you’ll be able to purchase a 3D print of the design. All the different tools to resize the objects, to check for printability with our solidity check, to customize the models (by adding shapes, texts, or textures) are also available. And as for every Sculpteo’s print, it will be printed and shipping in just a few days!

CGTrader integration

What does that mean for you? A possibility to 3D print with ease. A chance to avoid the mass production process. If you’re home and you want to

What the seller gets? A possibility to turn 3D print-ready models into print-already models. A wide clientele – the models will be seen on website as well. So, their visitors will also could choose the models, uploaded on A chance to overturn the manufacturing, change the world, and stand in the first row in the next industrial revolution.

CGTrader integration

For now, just a few models of the Print Ready 3D Models are available to print. But we’re working hard to integrate more and more models to this list very quickly.

If you feel like 3D printing, go check this new service and browse through amazing CGTrader designs.

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