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New Meetup 3D printing and Robotics Meetups!

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Feb 10, 2014 | 0 comments

2014 has been extremly busy so far, but no matter how busy, it’s time for all 3D printing fans in Paris to gather for a new Meetup.
For our 12th Meetup , we decided to organize an event around 3D printing and robotics . Since you often ask about concrete achievements permitted by 3D printing, we invited a number of players involved in robotics that use 3D printing to join us.

Demonstration of robots, presentations 3D printed parts, 3D printers and printed objects are scheduled.
What is the program?
The first part of the evening will be devoted to the presentation of their projects by participants of the ” Redecorate your room ” Sculpteo contest on Studyka platform. Each participating team is invited to come and present the project she submitted to the competition .
Then robotics begins with three guests :
– Damien Nestelhut and Gautier MAILLARD from the robotics club RobotX

– The team of the Association ” Eolipyle

– Stéphane Bonnard-Cantegreil who runs Cogibot
This meetup will be an opportunity to see practical applications of 3D printing as well as robots in action.

It is also the time to share a beer.

To register, just go to our Meetup Group page.

Robocop just went out in the theatres this week. So if you need to put yourself in the mood for badass robots, go see it and come back to this meetup geared up to see some amazing stuff. 😉

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