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Start Your Own 3D Scanning Business with Shapify.Pro

Posted By Sculpteo on Mar 3, 2014 | 0 comments

Shapify makes it easy to create a 3D printed statue of yourself or anyone else. All you have to do is stand still for a few minutes while the sensor on a Microsoft Kinect generates a full body scan. Once the scan is finished, you’ll have a model that you can have 3D printed and shipped right to your home.

3d printed selfie

Prints can be made in monochrome or multicolor and are about 3 inches tall.

Shapify brings together 3D scanning technology from Artec Group and 3D printing services from Sculpteo.

Artec recently opened their first showroom in Palo Alto, California, and members of the Sculpteo team were there to check out 3D scanning in action and support the latest version of Shapify, Shapify.Pro.

Shapify.Pro is a complete package for people who want to start their own business offering 3D scanning services. With Shapify.Pro, you get the Shapify software, a scanning pad, branded jacket and backpack, plus $999 in 3D printing credits on your Shapify.Pro account.

shapify pro

Artec envisions the model being similar to freelance photography. Imagine creating little statues of a bride and groom for their wedding cake, or a child’s dollhouse inhabited by miniature versions of the whole family. And of course there’s the 3D printed Selfie.

Artec estimates that Shapify.Pro partners can make almost $5,000 per month with just 2 customers per day.

If you’re interested in providing 3D scanning services to your own customers, become a Shapify.Pro partner.

If you’ve got a Microsoft and a Kinect, scan at home and get your first 3D printed portrait statue.

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