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Introducing 3D printing of new Translucent Resin material

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Mar 28, 2014 | 0 comments

Hello Everyone! We have great news! We’ve waited a few days until it’s finally online but Alexis, our Production Director, came to the rest of the team with great news somewhere during the week to tell us we were ready to launch a new material: our translucent resin! Your calls for an ideal material to simulate glass and translucent parts have been answered. In other words, it’s a rigid and nearly colorless high detailed resin.


Just for the eyes, here are some photos of objects printed with this new translucent resin:


Translucent Resin Sculpteo

Sculpteo Robot 3D Printed in Translucent Resin

translucent resin Sculpteo

3D Printed Dragon Translucent Resin – Sculpteo

To achieve such a result, production team uses Stratasys printers with the Veroclear material. The model is printed layer by layer with a high-performance compound, photo polymeric liquid. Each photopolymer layer is cured by UV light immediately after being jetted. The printing resolution is 28 microns. This printing technology uses a support material, and parts must be cleaned after printing. Please consider this cleaning step when you are designing your part. We will specifically develop that part in a more complete post, and also a more documentated material page in the coming weeks. Here are a few points you should of in mind though:

  • Model can include moving parts.
  • Maximum size recommended for this technology is 290 x 190 x 147 mm.
  • Minimum thickness is 2 mm.
  • The object is rigid, opaque, with a smooth surface, highly detailed. It is watertight and airtight.

The prints made with this material are opaque when they come out the machine. However, they can be polished to obtain a glossy and nearly transparent result as you can see on the pictures.

There are two ways for you to obtain this nearly transparent finish:

  • You can either shoot a mail at [email protected] and request a specific polishing for your order.
  • Or you can polish the print yourself. I will write a tutorial on how to proceed very soon.

As for our other 3D printed resins, parts can also be dyed or painted. However post processing with painting a high detail model leads to a possible loss in detail.

translucent resin Sculpteo

Translucent Resin by Sculpteo

This new 3D printed material is now online and available for all your orders, and it’s here to stay!

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