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Support Sculpteo in its Hack4France run

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Mar 28, 2014 | 0 comments

There are many Hackathon out there, but this one is another kind. The team behind Hack4France imagined a two months online Hackathon during which developers from everywhere can join to imagine new ways to use APIs.

Agenda Hack4France

Agenda Hack4France

The contest is divided in 3 steps. And we need your help for the first one. Along with about 20 others French startups that developed an API, we are running to be selected as finalists and thus let developers master the use of our API. We’ve until April the 6th to collect all the votes we can on the Hack4France page.

If you want to support us, please take a look a this short video. Arthur, our Social Media Manager, explains what you’ll be able to do with our API.



Once this step is completed. Developers will be asked to develop new scenarios to use the different APIs and maybe even cross their uses. The finale will reunite all the developers at Epitech School in Paris to let them code for the first place!



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