3D Print Directly from Photoshop CC: Sculpteo now Integrated

Sculpteo now integrated with Photoshop CC

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The Adobe Creative Cloud suite allows users to obtain multiple licences on any of their software, and it allots enough space in the cloud to save all of their work. This makes working across multiple systems quite easy and organized. Now, Sculpteo is one of the few 3D printing companies to have it’s material specifications integrated with Photoshop Creative Cloud!

The software is essential for creatives of any type, and Adobe has again transformed the playing field with a revolutionary update for Photoshop CC. The update, released last January, simplifies the exporting process for 3D designers, seeking to print through Sculpteo.

The update allows designers to work in Photoshop with the specifications of each of material available through Sculpteo. This saves both time and money as the automatic optimizations performed by the program will automatically repair your 3D files to complete the design according to the specifications of the material.

Photoshop x Sculpteo

Photoshop is also now able to estimate the pricing of the design according any material available through Sculpteo, These rough estimates allow the designer to get an idea of their pricing, without ever having to leave the program. This could save hours in exports and uploads, trying to perfect a design within a price range.

To integrate the new software into the program, simply go to this address on the Adobe website, download the Sculpteo profile files, and drag it to the 3D printing Presets of within the Photoshop folder. From there all, of Sculpteo’s materials will be in the program, ready to be optimized.

Photoshop x Sculpteo

Adobe has always been an industrial leader in the design softwares and Sculpteo is extremely excited to be a part a piece of the 3D design side of Photoshop. Let’s get creative!

Don’t hesitate to share your creations with us.

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