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Create entirely new worlds with HyGround!

Posted By Zach Correa on Jul 30, 2014 | 0 comments

Only one week left until HyGround’s kickstarter starts!

Wait, but what is HyGround? Well as the creator and visionary of the company, Bill Reaser, puts it, “we create 3 dimensional gaming worlds. There is no mass producer of 3D Terrain anymore now that Heroscape has been discontinued. We are filling the void with providing a nicely detailed, high quality, affordable game board system.”


There are hundreds of miniature skirmish games out there, but as the HyGround team saw that there was a serious lack of high quality gaming boards to play them on. Reaser goes on to explain, “The board is hugely important for skirmish games. The problem is that most game manufacturers don’t provide a good 3D board with their games. They provide roll-up or printed chip boards (some more elaborate) all while providing some of the coolest 3D miniatures you can imagine.”


Before transferring their designs to a third party manufacturer, Hyground tested their designs withSculpteo, This allowed the team to be absolutely positive of the design sizes and details before transferring to an injection mold. “Without your print service we would not have the product design we have today. Having the physical pieces in hand are worth their weight in gold,” Reaser admits.

Sculpteo was HyGround’s first and only choice when it came to prototyping their models. As you can see in the video below, the HyGround tiles have a very tight fit to allow for an interchangeable gaming board that is both solid and aesthetically pleasing. ” The fit was VERY important and Sculpteo provided a 3D print that was very accurate and precise. I was also very surprised at the cost. I expected the prints to be more than they were. I’ve shared your site with several others who may be switching from their current 3D print provider. Shipping was amazing. Affordable and fast!,” Reaser raves.

So be sure to check out these amazing board pieces, and support their kickstarter!!


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