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3D Printshow London: what we thought about it

Posted By Alexia Toulmet on Sep 9, 2014 | 0 comments

Let’s cut right to the chase: we loved 3D Printshow London! It was a great opportunity for us to meet some fascinating people, to learn more about 3D Printing (there’s always something new to pick up) and to discover some amazing designs. Arthur, Alex and I (Alexia) were there and we’ve got a lot to tell for sure.

Located in the Old Billingsgate Market Building, facing the Thames, the show was both fascinating, and pleasant. Those of you who had the opportunity to go, got the chance to discover some of the new Sculpteo designs, and we were very inspired from meeting you all.

The three days of the show were relentlessly busy for us, but we still found the time to get away from our stand and take a look at the exhibitions.

Sculpteo 3D Printshow

We enjoyed all of the exhibitions, but each of the three of us had our own crush on a specific

Alex particularly liked a student initiative called “Printgreen”. Created by a group of Slovenian students. They created a new kind of 3D printer which allows you to print your own garden. A mix of soil, water and seeds comes directly out of the printer, which, after a couple of days, grows into a lawn in the shape of your design. The ‘Tiskaj Zeleno’ project (Slovenian for ‘Print Green’) unites art, technology and nature with stunning results.




The 3D printed art exhibition this year was stunning, yet again. Its no wonder that it was Arthur’s favorite display. Most of the exhibited art pieces were sponsored by Adobe. We took some pictures of those works, but all of them can be seen online. All the exhibiting artists clearly contributed to expand the boundaries of 3D printing.

Francois Veraart

Danny van Ryswyk

Danny van Ryswyk’s amazing design

Noa Raviv

Noa Raviv’s creations

Paul Liaw

Paul Liaw’s stunning design

As for myself, I loved spending some time on Wonderluk’s booth. They had a special photobooth, in which you could take pictures of yourself with their 3D printed designs. The only problem is that it was really hard to take off the accessories and to give up on the idea of taking all of them home with me, because they were incredible.


Staff Wonderluk

Another overall favorite was 3Doodler. We all had a good time at their stand creating 3D plastic sculptures out of nothing at all.


The next 3D Printshow will take place in Paris, on the 17th and 18th of October. We definitely can’t wait to see all the amazing 3D printing displays they’re preparing.

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