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Material Workshop at Inside 3D Printing Santa Clara

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In the Santa Clara area with questions on 3D printing and design? Stop by the Inside 3D Printing conference to meet with Sculpteo!

This year’s Inside 3D Printing Santa Clara conference is this coming October 21-23 and Sculpteo’s own Christina Chun will be leading a conference on Reshaping Manufacturing: Understanding the 3D Printing Process. 

The workshop will delve into the overall process of making three-dimensional solid objects from digital designs and explore the various powders, binders and support materials that allow for the geometric flexibility inherent to additive manufacturing. We’ll also examine the course of moving from original concept via virtual blueprint (CAD or animation modeling software) to finished product along with all the pre-preparation and post processing steps required to make a quality printed piece.

For a bit more on Christina, she is one of our 3D Printing and Design Evangelists. She is passionate about 3D Technologies. As a 3D Artist & Designer, Christina enjoys learning how things are made and how they work. With a knack for visualizing parts and products, she loves seeing how all of the pieces will fit or form together. With a generous propensity for helping, teaching and sharing what she learns with others, Christina confesses that she herself is a lifetime student and will always try to improve upon her skills. Some of her popular 3D printed models include a Math Spinner Toy for classrooms and a Round Open Cuff Bracelet designed for an Instructable. As the 3D Printing & 3D Design Evangelist at Sculpteo, she hopes to encourage others to explore the possibilities of creating with 3D Printing. She currently holds a BFA in Digital Arts & Technology from IADT Tampa and a 2nd BFA in Game Design as well as an MFA in 3D Modeling from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

So if you’re in the Santa Clara area be sure to stop by and meet with Christina, and learn a bit about designing and printing in 3D!!

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