3D printing: Meetup at the Autodesk popup gallery in Paris

Recap: Capture Paris in 3D

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The Meetup this past weekend at the Autodesk popup gallery in Paris was a huge success. Here is a quick recap of all of the event in all of its glory.

It all began at with a presentation by Sculpteo’s Community Manager, Arthur Cassaignau who gave a presentation on the days proceedings. The participants were to be split up into multiple groups and head out in various directions around the city.

Aurthur Presentation Autodesk

After a quick lookaround the gallery, everyone split up. Some went toward the Centre Pompidou, others toward le Louvre, some toward the Notre Dame and the rest stayed around the Marais.

You can see a complete series of everything caught (and tagged) during the Meetup through this link. Some of the highlights include :

We’ll be taking some of the best models and printing them live at the 3D Printshow Paris. So be sure to stop by our booth, if your’s is one of the model we chose to print, you can take it with you!

If you’re still uploading your files or have them uploaded already, be sure to tag your posts with ‘Sculpteo’ so we can find them and add it to our project.

Otherwise, if you’re thinking about getting one of the models you found during the trip, or you’ve been following along and want to print out one of these memories of Paris for yourself, 123D Catch makes it possible. You are able to download any of the public files directly off of the site. We have also made this convenient guide to help you get your object printed in 3D through Sculpteo!


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