Women in 3D printing Meetup: Meet Women Industry Leaders

Come meet us at our Women in 3D Printing Meetup

Posted By on Nov 4, 2014 |

If you’re a woman and curious about 3D Printing, feel free to join us to our next meetup in San Francisco. We’re gathering the women in the San Francisco Bay Area to meetup, hangout and talk about everything in the world of 3D Printing!

On Thursday, November 13, join the two Sculpteo leaders in San Francisco, Christina Chun and Nora Touré, for coffee and passionate discussion. Talk about the 3D printing world today and  about some of the challenges that women face in the industry. Or just come and hang out with two female industry leaders. But also to just hangout with other women interested with 3D Printing. If you’re a male interested in 3D printing, we hold meetups all the time and we’d love for you to come to one of them – but this event is just for the ladies.

The event is relatively informal, but feel free to give us a demo about what you’re working on. Bring your 3D prints, your 3D files – any and all of the projects you want to share: we can help you with any questions you have, but we also just enjoy seeing what other people are doing in the industry.

This meetup is for artists, designers, engineers, students, researchers, entrepreneurs or women who are just interested in 3D technologies.

You can also send us some feedbacks or any comments you want about subjects you’d like to further discuss during the meetup.

So, Thursday 13, from 4 to 6 pm, meet at the Capital One 360 Café, in San Francisco.

You can register for this great event, or get more informations directly on the Meetup page.

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